Bubble Tanks 2

Remember the days when you could mix soap in water and create bubbles that you used to play with your siblings and friends? You may not be able to create bubbles today but you could relive every moment with the bubble tank 2 game. It is an update to its predecessor bubble tank still from the guys at Hero Interactive.

You have a better way of conquering your enemies as you steer your ship through tortuous path using the keyboard keys and mouse. As you conquer your enemies, you gain more bubbles that help to upgrade your ship. You need to capture your enemy’s bubbles to use to fuel your ship. There are different modes that lets you move from accomplish different task. You could use the normal mode to jump bubbles or the arena mode if you feel like testing your skills against a multiplicity of choices.

Bubble tank 2 comes with an increase array of weapons compared to its predecessor. Tanks are nor bigger and your enemies just got even crazier. You can revel in each moment as you use the bubble-oepedia to look up the names of your victims. The game developers have done well to heed to comments made by players concerning the lat version and have done their best to make necessary updates. There is a counter to show how bubbles you have left to move to the next upgrade. You will love to watch how all the bubbles suddenly become attracted to your ship as you take care of the last man standing.

This is a completely exciting game that runs smoothly on most system with little to no slow down experienced. The larger number of equipment has equally added to the excitement that the game brings. It is not a particularly difficult game but it may be necessary to get used to dealing with weaker enemies before moving on to the stronger ones.

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